Of Selfies, Technologies and Security

Today, Uber Kenya Announced that they were introducing a new tool to their drivers that enhances the security of our Uber Rides.

Uber is introducing Real-Time ID Check, an additional security feature that periodically prompts drivers to share a selfie with Uber before they go online to start accepting ride requests.

Maybe one thing you don’t know, and this is more for developers,  The real-Time ID Check uses Microsoft Cognitive Services intelligence to instantly compare the selfie to the photo corresponding with the driver’s photo on file. If the two photos don’t match, the driver’s account can be temporarily deactivated while Uber looks into the situation.

This feature prevents fraud and protects drivers’ accounts from being compromised. It also protects riders by building in another layer of accountability to the Uber app to let passengers know that the right person is behind the wheel.

This feature adds an additional layer of security onto what’s already built into the app. Once passengers request a ride via the app, you are able to tell which driver is picking you up, the model and number plate of the car and also a photo of the driver. When the car arrives, riders can compare this information with the vehicle and driver they see before them to ensure they’re getting into their Uber.
For more information on Microsoft Cognitive Services, visit Microsoft.com/cognitive.