Cessna Grand Caravan 

Hey Guys, this last week on one of my Trips in Tanzania, I decided to fly to Dodoma from Dar Es Salaam.

For the guys who’ve travelled to Tanzania you will know that there is no direct flight from Nairobi so I had to take the last flight from Nairobi to Dar Es salaam then catch the early morning flight to Dodoma. 

Now to my supprise I got to the airport at the domestic terminal around 5:30 and funny enough the doors were still closed. Here I was thinking I was super late

After the usual airport procedures I sat down to have a cup of coffe and I must say that was a good kickstart to my day.

When it got time to board the Aircraft we were escorted to the Taxiway. This was my first flying in a Cessna. Now this aircraft can comfortably sit 12 people comfortably but we was only 5 people. 
We took off well. But if there was something I wasn’t prepared for was the noise and air pressure. This is where I fully understood why my pall @lawrence had always insisted that I get noise canceling headphones,  to be precise BOSE Quiet Comfort 35. NB: That’s the first thing I’ll buy  as soon as I get back to Nairobi.

Now for all the Aircraft Junkies, The Cessna Grand Caravan has a Glass Cockpit powered by Garmin. What this means is the pilot has a very easy Job 


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