What Meaning can be derived from Music

Embodied musical meaning is in short a production of expectation, if on the basis of past experience a present stimulus leads us to expect a more-or-less definite consequent musical event then that stimulus has meaning.

Emotion and Meaning in Music by Leonard B. Meyer

Musical meaning comes from the comparison and transformation of musical material, I play a note on the piano, just one note and I hold it a long time that has no meaning at all. let’s say I play the note and then I move to another note right away there’s a meaning.

In any sense in which music can be considered a language it is a completely metaphorical language.

Music is like listening to a language you don’t understand, it might not mean anything to you at that point, but it has rhythm intonation, cadence, articulation, repetition. All the things that make language musical are the things that make music, music.