[SOLVED for REAL] Hard Reset NOKIA 2.4 using the fastboot mode

Nokia 2.4

The following is a Tutorial on how to access the recovery mode on the Nokia 2.4 incase you want to do a hard reset

Now you have probably come across may websites with this information but i wanted to highlight the main trick that you wont see on a majority of these sites, trust me i have spent the whole day trying to do this too

In this tutorial i will make a couple of assumptions that you either have the Android ASK installed or the Android ADB Driver Installed on your laptop


  • At the very beginning switch off your NOKIA 2.4 by pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds
  • hold down Volume Down + Power button for a couple of seconds this will get you to the fastboot mode
  • At this point you will see small text at the bottom of your screen “Fastboot Mode”
  • Connect your Phone to the PC Via USB
  • Now go to your PC and open the “Command Prompt” and navigate to where your Android SDK is Installed

this is Probably in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools”

  • Then type in the following commands

Fast Boot Device

To check if your Device is connected

fastboot reboot recovery

  • If your device is connected it should reboot into the recovery

“If it reboots there are two things involved :)” you will probably at this point see a screen with he Android Icon and “No Command” or it will boot into the recovery menu.

How To Fix Android "No Command" Error - A Definitive Guide
No Command Screen

If you get “No Command” This is where I need your attention

  • Pick up the Phone and Press the Volume UP and POWER Key and the Same time until it switches to the Recovery screen
  • Now select Wipe data/factory reset by using Volume buttons to navigate and the Power key to accept it.
  • After that choose Factory data reset
  • At the end, select Reboot system now with the Power button

Now you should be good to go, Hope this helped

See you on the next one