What happens when you press the ‘Enter’ Key on your Keyboard (On a Browser) #RandomFacts

So of late I seem to be having quite a number of random facts in my head and so I decided to start a series on my blog about random facts in my head

This is by no means for educational purposes rather for entertainment. Enjoy 🙂

The “enter” key bottoms out

Interrupt fires [NOT for USB keyboards]

(On Windows) A  WM_KEYDOWN  message is sent to the app

(On OS X) A  KeyDown  NSEvent is sent to the app

(On GNU/Linux) the Xorg server listen for keycodes

Is it a URL or a search term?

Parse URL…

Check HSTS list…

Convert non-ASCII Unicode characters in hostname

DNS lookup…

ARP process

Opening of a socket UDP packets

TLS handshake TCP packets

HTTP protocol…

HTTP Server Request Handle

HTML parsing…

CSS interpretation…

Page Rendering

GPU Rendering

Window Server

Post-rendering and user-induced execution

Let me know if I missed out on anything