The Good Enough Parent

In the Words of Donald W Winnicott “No child needs a prefect parent to have a perfect is to be on the short road to Psychosis. The job of a parent is to let down a child in a structured way, to introduce them to the misery’s of existence”

Donald Winnicott he had a lot of parents who would come to him and say things like I’m so worried I’m not a good parent my child has this problem or that problem etc. and he came up with a wonderful phrase he said “you are most likely to be a good enough parent”

Parents are not bad people, its just that we all happen to experience the worst of the world through them first.

I have in the past come across a lot of people who walk through their entire lives constantly blaming their parents for all the wrong things that happen in their lives

Unfortunately i believe that over time we have slowly forgotten that s our parents raised up did everything in their power to raise us in the best way possible we sometimes forget that they are human beings just like us and that they can and will make mistakes as they go through this Journey.