SSL Certificates on Azure

Hello Guys Hope you are Well

So the other day I was setting up a website for a company and the site was  a simple WordPress site so I set up a custom domain and all that

Later on, i realized that I had to buy and get an SSL certificate and attach it to my site.

At first, I thought this was as simple as getting a file from one website and uploading it to the other but let’s just say I spent a couple of hours on this

so here’s how I did it

There are a number of places you can get SSL certificates that is if your domain provider doesn’t assign it. I buy my domains from  DeepAfrica  who if my memory serves me correctly automatically assign you one


The other option is to get one through Lets Encrypt. if you want a free SSL Certificate

If you are running on Azure you can buy an SSL Certificate from the portal directly. that the way i chose to go

Step 1 – Log in to Azure

Log in to the Azure portal at

Step 2 – Place an SSL Certificate order

You can place an SSL Certificate order by creating a new App Service Certificate In the Azure portal.

Certificate Creation

Enter a Friendly Name for your SSL certificate and enter the Domain Name

Select your SubscriptionResource Group, and Certificate SKU


App Service Certificates can only be used by other App Services within the same subscription.

Step 3 – Store the certificate in Azure Key Vault

Once the SSL Certificate purchase is complete, you need to open the App Service Certificates page.

insert image of ready to store in KV

The certificate status is “Pending Issuance” as there are few more steps you need to complete before you can start using this certificate.

Click Certificate Configuration inside the Certificate Properties page and Click on Step 1: Store to store this certificate in Azure Key Vault.

From the Key Vault Status page, click Key Vault Repository to choose an existing Key Vault to store this certificate OR Create New Key Vault to create new Key Vault inside same subscription and resource group.

Once you have selected the Key Vault Repository to store this certificate in, the Storeoption should show success.

insert image of store success in KV

Step 4 – Verify the Domain Ownership

From the same Certificate Configuration page you used in Step 3, click Step 2: Verify.

Choose the preferred domain verification method.

There are four types of domain verification supported by App Service Certificates: App Service, Domain, Mail, and Manual Verification.

Click on Verify button to complete this step.

insert image of domain verification

After clicking Verify, use the Refresh button until the Verify option should show success.

insert image of verify success in KV

Step 5 – Assign Certificate to App Service App

In the Azure portal, click the App Service option on the left of the page.

Click the name of your app to which you want to assign this certificate.

In the Settings, click SSL certificates.

Click Import App Service Certificate and select the certificate that you just purchased.

insert image of Import Certificate

In the ssl bindings section Click on Add bindings, and use the dropdowns to select the domain name to secure with SSL, and the certificate to use. You may also select whether to use Server Name Indication (SNI) or IP based SSL.

insert image of SSL Bindings

Click Add Binding to save the changes and enable SSL.

At this point, you should be able to visit your app using  HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://to verify that the certificate has been configured correctly.