Visual Studio Live Share


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So this one is more for the developers, There are a number of times that we end up working with remote teams and what usually happens is we end up using screen share technologies when we need to collaborate on the Sampiecece of code,

“Visual Studio Live Share”, will now enable developers using Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code to collaborate in real-time.

What is Live Share?#

Live Share enables your team to quickly collaborate on the same codebase without the need to synchronize code or to configure the same development tools, settings, or environment.

When you share a collaborative session, your teammate sees the context of the workspace in their editor. This means your teammate can read the code you shared without having to clone a repo or install any dependencies your code relies on. They can use rich language features to navigate within the code; not only just opening other files as text but using semantic analysis-based navigation like Go to Definition or Peek.

Why ?#

Microsoft Teams and Slack bring dynamic team collaboration into a digital form, Screen-sharing or accessing a machine remotely means that only one person is in control while the other observes. Instant messaging, email, or other tools are great for basic messages but collaborating on a body of code often requires more than a code snippet or a single file to share the necessary context.

Live Share allows you to share the context of the code, so you get instant, bidirectional collaboration. Each of you can use environments that you’ve personalized so you’re the most productive dev you can be. You can independently investigate an issue without stepping on each others toes, no need to hand-off control or deal with latency. Collaborate with shared focus only when you want to.

So Microsoft is still working on this and will be open to a limited group of developers as a preview. If you want to learn more and keep up with the project, you can sign up by clicking here.