Frameworks for Trust in Digital Transformation 


In the World of Digital Transformation, there is a very key issue that a lot of organizations need to address as we move to understanding and using technologies.

There are a couple of ideas that I came across that I think could be interesting in the world of digital transformation.

Today I won’t write much but ill share a couple of videos on this topic.

  • We need a more efficient system for appropriate carefully controlled access to data by law enforcement.


  •  Stronger privacy protection so that user data security is not eroded in the name of efficiency.
  • Develop a modern framework for the collection of digital evidence that respects international borders while recognizing the global nature of today’s information technology.
  • We need to design for transparency.

  • Modernize our laws to reflect the ways in which the use of technology have evolved over time.

  • We must promote trust through security.