Enabling the Modern Work style

Today’s business users want things simple. They want to be able to access their desktop, applications, and data virtually anywhere, from any device, and have the full Windows experience. And from an IT perspective, this must be done securely and in ways that can ensure compliance at all times.

Today’s enterprises face increasing challenges within their IT infrastructures. With a larger portion of their workforce being mobile and needing access to corporate Resources, enterprises are presented with new security challenges to address. Cloud computing promises to help resolve some of these issues, but the reality is that most organizations will deploy a hybrid cloud model that combines traditional data center computing with hosted cloud services.

The computerization of IT through the trend towards BYOD or “bring your own device” environments is something that businesses everywhere are facing and IT is only beginning to get a handle on. The days of IT having full control over all user devices in their infrastructure are probably over, with the exception of certain high-security environments in the government, military, and finance sectors. Accepting these changes requires not just new thinking but new technology.

Now with these three cloud services brought together in the Enterprise Mobility Suite, Microsoft has made it easy and cost-effective to acquire the full set of capabilities necessary to manage today’s (and the future’s) enterprise mobility challenges.

to be continued……..